Abiding Light Candleholder & Ornament Bundle


Abiding Light Bundle – Book, Candleholder & Ornament -Limited Edition- pieces

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Abiding Light  Candleholder & Ornament

Abiding Light ultimate holiday bundle features both Juno Pottery Candleholder & Pamela Winters Sculpture Ornament .  This limited edition gift bundle includes handmade candle holder and numbered ornament along with Abiding Light the book.

A powerful pairing with Abiding Light https://heidipaulec.com/abiding-light/ to hold space for loved ones absent this holiday season.  Simple candle light is long standing tradition for remembering.  Pause.  Pray.  Remember. And then, carry Abiding Light into the celebrations this holiday season… and beyond.

Is someone dear to you grieving?  Are you grieving?  Welcome. 

We invite you to give this limited edition bundle as an act of compassion 

– whether to loved ones or to yourself – this holiday season.


        Are you missing a family member this holiday season?  Do you know someone who is?  We welcome you.
Our limited edition keepsake Abiding LightCandleholder & Ornament Bundle for such a time as this.  Each candleholder mold is slightly unique and offers a Dicken-esque ambience.  Each dripping candle ornament numbered 1-100 offers a tactile as well as visual comfort.
The Gift of Art with Words
Candleholder handmade by Jennifer.  Ornament sculpted by Pamela.
Words written by Heidi.
Our Feature Artists
Pamela, our sculptor, generously supports Abiding Light – Heidi Paulec
“Heidi has always been a light.
Through this tragedy she has allowed
His light to shine even brighter through her.
The transparency of the family has shown
that His hope does not disappoint.”
she realizes that her sculpting is a gift from God,
and it allows her to share her faith through her work.
Introducing … Jennifer, our potter, of Juno Pottery •
“Getting to work on projects
with soul and sincerity
such as Heidi’s recent book,
Abiding Light, brings special
meaning to the objects I create.
My hope is that lighting this candle,
made with thoughtful intention,
will help accompany you in your grief
and hold you in peace,
as you remember those
who have gone on ahead of you.”
Jennifer Seifert
Juno Pottery
Juno Pottery creates
artful forms for everyday.
Author & Host here – Heidi notes:
What JOY it is to share the highly skilled artists selected
to be part of our mission for the 2021 holidays this year!
Each artist’s hands and heart molded these gifts just for Abiding Light & our readers.
Special Gifts Crafted for Special Someone
Are you holding space for a loved one who won’t be with you this holiday season?
Are you walking grief’s road with someone dear to you?
Our bundles were crafted for you.
Our Readers
The absence is real.
Rather than rushing past this reality,
we invite you now to pause… acknowledge… honor this
through simple, limited edition décor.
In the pausing, may your heart remembers beautiful, life-giving memories.
Grief, the Holidays, and His… Abiding Light
And… may you feel full permission to grieve while also
discovering daily delights & truly enjoying the holiday season.
Giving this book holds similar space to a greeting card.  Some may read during the holidays,
but many will cozy up with it in the dark days of winter that follow.
The Book

Abiding Light: When a loved one dies suddenly, young, or by suicide, families and friends are often left in shock-riddled grief. Shock and stigmas often isolate and stall healing. Even as grievers still yearn to connect with others.

Abiding Light is a four-generation testimony-rich resource for those grieving this kind of loss and for the community who supports them. It can be read alone or in a group.  The book also serves as a companion to foster compassionate care and conversation through deep grief.

An Invitation to Delight together this Holiday Season

Simply through reading the personal stories within Abiding Light,

empathy and sympathy -given space and time-

can seed courage and deeper connect through patient conversation.

Gifting Between Holidays 

Finally, we recommend giving the bundles on ordinary days before Thanksgiving or between then and Christmas Eve. Why?  You’re gifting in that giving moment, but you are also giving some special moments throughout this holiday season as well.



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