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¡Viva Abundance!

Here’s to Abundant Living.

Welcome, friend! I am so glad you are here. I’m Heidi – I believe this life is an abundant adventure. Pen & Journal & Camera –
Let’s Go! By making time for simple pursuits and pleasures, we can navigate through anything together.

As an educator & writer,
I delight in sharing these adventures
– the everyday, the extraordinary
& everything in between.

I help students, parents (and yes, sometimes other teachers and coaches) create sustainable plans to enhance the high school experience with greater enjoyment AND pinpoint plans for scholarship pursuit.

Are you passionate about helping your students own their academic & extracurricular pursuits? How about fueling lifelong learning, training a work ethic with rest rthymns that actually nurtures wonder,
builds friendships,
unfolds real empathy and creative compassion?

Me, too. And I love my family, dawn & dusk, fresh air, good smoothies, nourishing movement & life-giving meals – oh and singing in the shower.

I’m love sharing reflections & visions.
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So let’s Awaken Delight – together.
Heidi aka Mrs. P